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Thread: Where to live?

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    Nutts Where to live?

    So we recently found out that we will be going through our first deployment. He will be leaving for ait, come home for a little, then be deployed. So I am going to be planning a wedding, and while hes home inbetween the two, we will be getting married. We have already been engaged for almost a year, and will be over a year by the time we get married. Well, most people expected us to get married at some point, just wanted us to wait. Well we just broke the news to the parents about the deployment and our marriage plans. So, now its a go. But, when I went to talk to my Dad he was asking me a lot of questions, like they always do haha. But he asked me where we are going to live. Right now I live at home, and he lives at home. And Im not really sure. I mean of course I want us to get a place but he wouldnt be here, and I would be living by myself. I talked to him about it and he said whatever I want. Since we wont be on base, I am not really sure what I want. Should I jsut stay home until he comes back? Or should we go ahead and get a place (that he wont stay at for a LONG time) and me just live there. I dont know. What did you do, or what would you do? HELP!
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    I think you should definitely stay home and save the money.
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    DH is currently deployed. We got married a couple months before he left so for me it just made sense to stay at home until he gets back. That would be my suggestion to you to save the money up and then you guys can get a place together.
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    yeah i would stay home until he returns thats wut i did. but if my db was to deploy again ill just stay here in our apt w/o him.. its too much trouble to move back and forth lol.
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    Well I lived on my own before DH and I would never move back in for a long period with my parents. I love them dearly, but I need my space. I think about 2 months is my maximum. Since you already live at home and are used to it, if there are no problems and your parents aren't forcing your out then you should consider staying. Otherwise, find a place of your own.
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    Well, in my case, I stay with his family while he is deployed and will move out once he gets back from the deployment. It is just better for us.
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    If you get an apartment, make sure it has a military clause. That basically states that when he gets deployed, or his unit/duty station changes, he can leave without penalty [extra charges, running out before the lease ends, etc.]

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    Personally if my DH was deploying right after we got married I'd just stay home. Then when he is back for a longer period of time I'd move out and get a place with him.
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    We got a place 2 weeks before he deployed. For me, it was the right decision. I can't imagine living with family. I need my time and space to deal with the deployment. Everyone is different though and some really find solace in having family around.
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    Most people stay home while their SO is deployed, which is an amazing idea. It definitely saves money so when you do get a place, you have plenty of money for the deposit and furniture and everything.
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