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Thread: Does Anyone Have This Problem???

  1. Don't try this at home...
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    Help Does Anyone Have This Problem???

    An SO that thinks he can sing but can't really sing??? I mean, he isn't TERRIBLE, but in the words of Randy Jackson "yo dawg, I wasn't feelin you man, it was pitchy...pitchy" He is singing to me on the phone right now,, all I can say is baby I would rather be talking to ya right now
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    My DB has a great singing voice! I love it when he sings to me...
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    Dh sings sooo well..

    So nope, don't have that issue...but it's cute as hell your man is singing anyway He certainly isn't shy! I think it's adorable!
  4. Mmhmm.
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    i am bluntly honest and say, shut up, don't sing, you're not good. except if we're together in the car (which is rare) and he's singing (rarer) because EVERY TIME he sings a song he gets the words wrong and then it dissipates.. like his voice literally fades off && I my butt off and always say SHUT UP! dont sing if you don't know the lyrics. We make a joke of it in the car. but over the phone --annoying.
  5. 웃♥유
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    aweee lol. i wuld proly laugh haha, i wish my db would sing. lol
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    My DB got up and sang karaoke one nght for my good friend's 30th birthday - he was HORRIBLE! My best friends were laughing and came up to me and said "he sure is cute but honey he can't sing to save his life"

    Poor guy - lucky for me he sat down and laughed and leaned over to me and said "i really didn't think I was that bad of a singer until i just heard myself" - than god I never had to have that talk with him
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    Both my DH and I can't sing for shit! When he does sing to me or with me in the car I think it's cute whether he sucks or not.
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    Lol...only when DF drinks does he really sing...but it isn't horrible.
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    You know, I never knew that db could sing so well until I went and met up with him during his 4-day pass. He was singing in the shower, and since it was a hotel room you can hear everything. He was singing Sinatra.
  10. Am
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    Hahaha YES! DB sing to me sometimes and while I think it's sweet he's HORRIBLE. But I'd give anything to hear his worst singing right now.
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