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Thread: Phone Call

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    I live in Oklahoma, he's stationed in Georgia.

    Big Grin Phone Call

    I FINALLY got a phone call from DF today. I was expecting it cuz in his last letter to me he wrote that he would get on-base liberty this Saturday and that he was going to call me. We talked for 45 minutes, but it felt like 15. Hearing his voice was such a joy. He sounded completely different. All of my fears were put to rest with this phone call. We're both so excited to see each other, and in less than 2 weeks, we will!
    To all of you out there whose SO is currently in boot camp or deployed: YOU CAN MAKE IT THROUGH THIS. Time really does pass quicker than you expect it to, and once the letters and phone calls start coming, you're immediately reminded of why you're with them. Hang in there, girls.

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    I'm glad you got a phone call.

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