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Thread: It is not just the wildfires that are burning here!

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    Cloud 9 It is not just the wildfires that are burning here!

    This is LONG>>>> sorry.

    Ok, as most of you know, my life has been an roller coaster of emotions when it comes to the love department. I have moved on from John and enjoying life. Well, this week, I have met the most wonderful man (so far anyway... ) Here is how it has gone down:

    I saw his profile many months ago (before ex-DB) on a personals page. I was intrigued by his profile so I sent him a message. I never got anything back. Well, I let my membership expire when I met ex-DB... I activated it again the beginning of May since John and I stopped seeing eachother. I was scanning the personals and saw his page again but still no activity in a long time. I was disappointed but decided to try one more time with the hopes he would log back in. well, my membership expired again last week so I did not renew. I was disappointed.

    Monday night I was sitting there checking email and it said I had a message on the personals site. In order for me to check it, I had to renew and I was not willing to renew again. For about 3 hours I could not get him off my mind and I kept thinking "what if it is him that sent the message.." but I would quickly talk myself out of renewing. This went on a while longer so I finally gave in... checked the email and it was not him... I felt defeated and hated that I spent that money.

    Tuesday I decided to check again since I had paid for the service and OMG!!! HE WROTE ME!!! My heart skipped! I could not reply fast enough because I saw he was on!!! WEll, he wrote back and we exchanged ID's for the IM and we have been hooked since... We email thoughout the day, he waits for me to get home and we chat for 4+ hours a night! He said he had let his account expire a long time ago but something kept telling him to renew. It was funny he said that because I did not tell him mine had expired... WHen I told him my side, we laughed...

    Tonight will be more of the same and we are planning on getting together very soon! He just emailed me and said that he really likes me a lot!!!

    He is currently in the Navy but will be getting out soon. He is planning to stay here and set up practice! I cannot believe it! He is so supportive about me trying to get into Medical School and said he would help me with my studies since he is a Dr. and has been through it! WOW! I am so happy right now!

    I know that I have to take things slow and I did tell my ex (not the Marine or the jerk I was venting about) I would meet him for dinner so I am going to follow through but at this point, it is all I can do to keep my feelings in check for the new guy.... He is so wonderful! I will take it slow though...
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    Not even the Army can shatter my spirit.
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    I'm glad you are going to take things slow but I'm very happy for you! You deserve to be happy!
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    How exciting!!
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    How exciting.So happy for you.You deserve to be happy! Keep us posted

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    you sound like your going about things the smart way good for you

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    so happy for you!
    Wifey to Carlooshoo & annary

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    you totally deserve it
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    That's great. I hope everything works out for you.

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    Is this the DR guy you were talking about before? or a new guy? either way and congratulations and good luck!!
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    You deserve it sweetheart after all you have been through! Enjoy yourself!
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