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Thread: IM ENGAGED! (details inside)

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    IM ENGAGED! (details inside)

    wow i never thought this would happen tonight!

    we just were in the mall, and we decided to go look at rings...and the woman looked at me and said she had something she thought i would like, so she got it out and and i put it on...and it was NOT what i would have picked out for myself. i always thought i would like something...simpler. maybe a 3 stone princess cut. thats more my style...but i fell in love with the one i had on. corey saw how much i loved it and so he bought it. even after that i had no idea....

    we went home, talked to my sister for a while and then he said he wanted to bring me to his old house a few towns over, show me the town again. so we went for a ride...but i knew what was up when he kept trying to find romantic songs on the radio. i got excited but i didnt say anything. we ended up in the downtown center of Wylie (maybe those in texas know what im talking about) its a really old fashioned town, kindof old western style storefronts. he took me by the hand and brought me under a tree, and said all these things about how much he loves me and wants to make a life with me, how he thinks this is just another step he thinks we're ready for. and then he got down on one knee and asked me if i would be his wife.

    i was shocked into silence and could only whisper "of course i will" and then we hugged and laughed for a while. we went for a walk and enjoyed the night. and then we came home and talked all about what kind of house we want after college.

    now he's asleep because he has to be at work at 6 and im doing his laundry, too excited to sleep.


    and that is my story.

    P.S. pics in photo album. what you think id leave you without pics?
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    congrats chica
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    congrats hun!
    that is great!
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    awww hun congrats!
    thats so romantic
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    That's so exciting and awesome!
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    Awww that's so sweet, lucky you!
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    That is so exciting... Congrats honey.
    I know where wylie is my sister just graduated from Early.
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    aw congrats to you! thats exciting!
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