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Thread: Does your husband have anti-women views?

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    Does your husband have anti-women views?

    Mine does.
    Honestly, sometimes he says things that just come out to be VERY sexist and quite hateful, actually, towards women. Now - I think, in part, that's because he's just a very blunt person and doesn't have a filter when he speaks - so, often, some things come out a lot more negative then he means them to be and I take things quite personally far too often.

    But, still, I think he's just quite cheauvanistic and thinks lowly of women in general. But this is something that never came out until long after we were married.
    For example - I never knew that he expected me to be a stay-at-home-mom until I ended up becoming one because a job offer fell through. THEN he was all possitive about it and very against me going back to work.

    I, though, have also had plenty "No wife of mine is ever going to ___" and "you didn't put enough dressing on my salad" type comments that have made me feel that he just expects me to be a Stepford wife more so than an equal. I, also, have heard plenty of anti-women comments about women that he works with - though I wonder if this is just his way of showing that he simply doesn't like any of the women that he works with out of fear that I might believe he's attracted to them or something (a very paranoid thing that's not far away from his thought process.)

    Just recently he started to say a very bitter and bitchy anti-woman comment in response to a "cheating politicians" bit on the news and shut up - which only can mean that what he was going to say would have gotten his ass thrown out of the house.

    Quite honestly - his evolving views are very hurtful and piss me off, often, so I've just started tossing out the equal and he's been shutting up a bit, lately, but for a while he was quite open about it. But, just because he doesn't voice these opinions as often doesn't mean he feels differently - he's just learned to keep it to himself.

    Anyone else have this issue with your husband and how do you deal with it?
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    oh hellllllll no. i'd put db back in his place if he ever tried to pull that with me.
    he jokes around sometimes, and says stupid things, but if he seriously tried to tell me "no wife of mine is going to __" i'd laugh so hard i'd probably pee myself.
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    No I grew up with seeing that type of relationship with my dad and step mom. From seeing that for so long though, I swore I would NEVER have that type of relationship, and I made that VERY clear to Toby and he was happy that I did because he would never expect me to wait on him hand and foot and be the perfect little housewife that he knows I am not lol. He is all about equality, and I love that about him! One thing he is not equal about though, is the kitchen. That is HIS terrotory and he makes a point to please me with his cooking, but not because I expect him to, because he WANTS to And I really enjoy it!
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    Not my DH. He was raised by all women, plus having a social worker student for a wife has really changed his views on certain things.

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