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Thread: i have the sweetest future hubby!!

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    Cloud 9 i have the sweetest future hubby!!

    so its the weekend and my DF can talk on he's cell. i woke up with a beautiful voicemessage saying that he just got the cell back and that i can call him when i get up. so after a few minutes i called him back. he told me that he is sending me a care package in this package he told me there would be a cute bear with blues on, and a dogtag around his neck. (i told him i was looking for one, something to hold when he is gone, i love the blues uniform) he ordered a extra dogtag with his info for me to wear (i wanted one for the longest time and he knew it) then a semper fi bumper sticker, he also said that he is sending me the dvd of the boot camp grad. i did see a little of it but i want my mom to see it, she wanted to see it. then his cammie(i think that is how you spell it, bad speller here) marine hat. (he's ordering a new one, for him and giving me his that he wore) i can't wait to get it.

    seriously girls i'm on cloud 9, and want to give everyone of you the biggest hug and i'm loving nick to death. he wants to plan on the wedding and all that wonderful things that a girl only dreams about.

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    oh how cute! That is great you found a keeper for sure! Its nice when they do something sweet like that and it makes your day or even your week. Gotta love those boys when they are perfect! so happy for you!

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