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Thread: Confused and Thrown off

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    Help Confused and Thrown off

    Advertisements soldier finally decided to text me back...he told me the reason he hasn't been talkin to me is because he doesn't want to get attached before he leaves...then he tells me not to take it the wrong way but he needs to sort out his priorities before he gets 100% serious...what is that supposed to he breaking up with me??? i don't get it...he told me last weekend that he wouldn't break up with me because he wanted to be with me...but now he is saying other things...i am so confused......what do i do??? i think he just ripped my heart out and broke it into a million pieces...this hurts more than anything in the world...i can't live without him...he makes my world go what am i gonna do??
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    Maybe he is just confused and worries about your relationhsip when he is gone. I guess some guys get scared and think that it would be too hard on them if it ended during deployment. Not much experience here, but I guess just let him know that you are strong enough to make it through and you will be his support and would never cause him more stress and pain by messing around. That's the best I can do hun
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    the only thing you can do... ask him for clarification
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    So true just ask him so that you are both clear and on the same page or at least that you understand where he is at for sure.
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    I'm so sorry he's being a turd right now!! It could be he's been listening to his buddies be jerks and telling him you'll cheat while he's gone or some other such nonsense.

    I wish I had more advice for you but I guess all I can say is let him know you love him and that you know he's got a lot on his mind and you'll be here for him when he figures it all out. He could be really scared and men do stupid things when they're scared.
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