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Thread: confused but healing

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    confused but healing

    my soldier left me a few months ago. i still miss him dearly and id give anything to have him back. but i have realized i have to move on. so in the spirit of that i took the bull by the horns and joined the army like i had dreamed of.

    but the thing thats nagging at me is that a friend of mine whos a marine is deployed. i have no sort of become his girlfriend waiting for him to come home. i do have feelings for him but i still want dan back very much so. its been 3 months and i still find myself crying at times a nd missing him when something reminds me of him.

    am i doing the right thing by moving on?
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    That's tough...because you are truly the only one that can answer that. Obviously if you are no longer together, it is possible that there are things that needed a little work. But usually seperation is a sign that it may not be possible to work things out. And you never know what could happen in the future. Don't go after him again just because you are upset right now. He needs to miss you too. Give yourself a little bit of time...and I think it would be ok just to say hi now and again to him. You check in and make sure everything is alright.. IMO.

    Good for you on joining the military! Takes a strong girl to do that. I admire you!
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    not to sound harsh but yes its great your moving on because obviously he doesnt feel the same. If he wanted to be with you you two would be together. The only place I see you have gone wrong is with this new Marine guy...if your still crying at night about your X you may want to lay low from guys for a little while. You may not have true feeling for them but be filling a void in your life with someone who is just there.

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