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Thread: wedding bands

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    wedding bands

    Incoming poll!
    Do you think they should "match" or is it ok for them to be different?

    My fiance looks better with yellow gold, but I look better with white, plus my e-ring is getting yellow would look weird maybe.
    You think it would be more symbolic if they matched or should we do whatever?

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    I always said I wanted white gold but I like the look of gold bands on men.
    So I say do whatever you want! Who cares if they match... you know the meaning and thats all that counts
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    It's traditional to have them match, and it's what I prefer. But do what makes you happy!
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    I've seen people kill themselves over finding matching rings. Choose lesser-quality material, or rings that don't suit them to have a "set". Quite honestly though, how often are your left hands going to be close enough together that people go, "My, what an amazing wedding set you have between you!"?

    My DH and I got lucky - we both like white gold. Mine is a simple channel set band, white gold and 12 diamonds, and his is a plain white gold band. He can't wear his though, because of his job, and he doesn't want to put it on while he's at home and risk forgetting he has it on, because then he'd have to take it off at work, and he'd lose it, so he just doesn't wear a wedding ring, and I think that's ok too. We know we're married.
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    I think it is up to you. Some people get into the whole matching thing. DF and I are all about getting our own thing, I have white gold and his is titanium.

    *Thank you Valarie!!*

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    I think you find what you like best. No reason to dislike the band you get. We both have white gold bands. He is a very traditional band and my mind is simple but the edges are more squared off and it matches my e ring perfectly.
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    I wished there was an other option.. I'm a believer that the bands should match but speaking from experience, I don't want an "ugly" band..Therefore, I feel it's actually up to each person to get what they like & be happy with it instead of feel everytime they see the rings.
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    I don't think it matters. My husband wears titanium and I wear white gold. We picked what was best for us.
    Needs work.
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    Ours are two-toned. My ring is yellow gold with the prongs being white gold. Bryan's current ring is yellow gold with the edges being white gold. He had a tungsten ring with a yellow gold inlay so it matched perfectly to my ring.....before he went and LOST it.
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    DF's is black titanium, mine is white gold...and they look pretty together!!!

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