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Thread: Advice on Planning Wedding For Spring/Summer 2009

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    Love Advice on Planning Wedding For Spring/Summer 2009


    If anyone, has any advice, that might assist me, with planning my Spring/Summer 2009, Florida Keys, Traditional Non-Denominational Christian, on the beach, Wedding Ceremony & Reception, I would really appreciate it! We already have the resort, where it will be held, picked out, and are in the process of booking it, for the Spring/Summer of 2009 & 2010, since my fiance, is in the military, which as all of you know, could force us to change our plans, at anytime. We also, finally have the specific location of our honeymoon, booked for also, the Spring/Summer of 2009 & 2010, along with our airfare. And we do know, that we will have 80 guests in attendance, that consist of us, the wedding party, our immediate families, some extended family members, and some close friends, plus our Pastor, who will preside over the ceremony, and his wife. Because we can't invite everyone, those who were not able, to come, will be able to attend, a reception, back home in Texas, in South Padre, after we return from our honeymoon, at my cousin's condo, which has a community, party room, that is huge, courtesy of my cousin, and her parents. I know, that I want 2 wedding gowns, one that is strapless, light weight, with some sequences and/or tiny pearl beads in the design, of course with the color being white, w/o a train or veil, and that is comfortable to wear in the Keys, hot weather. Both my fiance, and the entire wedding party plan to be barefoot for our beach ceremony. Then, my other wedding gown, that I plan to wear to the reception, with silver rhinestone strapped high-heel sandels, I want to be a simply white, long-length, gown, with slits on both sides, so I can dance without ripping it, that is either a spaghetti strap or halter gown. As for the bridal party, my maid of honor, will wear a passion red dress, with my bridesmaids, wearing lavender dresses, and my jr bridesmaids, wearing peach dresses. The Best Man and all the groomsman, will be wearing dark navy blue tuxedos/suits, and as for the mother of the bride, pastel pink, and the mother of the groom, pastel blue. The entire wedding party will also be barefoot, for the ceremony, as well. However, what I need help on is, where to find my 2 wedding gowns, at a reasonable price, as well as where to find the dresses and tuxedos/suits, for the wedding party, and the mother of the bride and groom's dresses, as well. Any ideas, for how to style my hair, and the rest of the bridal party, would be very appreciated. As, well as, the best place to get the bridal party's shoes, the maid of honor, will wear metallic gold, high heeled sandals, with the bridesmaids, wearing metallic silver high-heeled sandals, and the jr bridesmaids, shoe color is still, up in the air, because they will be in peach colored dresses, so I'm not sure, what color they should go with, but am definitely, welcoming suggestions, from anyone. Also, any ideas, for my flower bouquet, the bridal party's bouquets, and the flower decoration arrangements. I really, my bouquet to be different, from my bridal party, and want the flower decoration arrangements, to also be different. We want to use, different colored roses, in my bouquet, possibly tropical flower arrangements, for the bridal party, and either white and red roses or also tropical flowers arrangements, that are different from the bridal party's. That is something, both my fiance and I want, but we need to look at what is the best idea, when it comes to price, b/c we will be purchasing all the flowers, in the Keys, and not Texas, as well as what will go great with the all the colors of the wedding party, us, and just the scenery, in general. The resort, which is housing, us, the wedding party, and our guest, is providing free fresh flower arrangements, for ou reception tables, b/c we are renting out 45 units, the honeymoon suite, their indoor and outdoor reception, deck that overlooks the beach, and the private beach, where the ceremony will be held. So any ideas, for the reception flower arrangements, please share with me. The other things left to go are:
    1. Save the Date Announcements (which we will have to give out much closer toward the Spring of 2009, do to his chaotic military schedule).
    2. Wedding Announcements/Invitations (also need to be given out closer to the Spring of 2009, due to his schedule).
    3. Wedding Shower Announcements/Invitations (also need to be given out closer to the New Year, being 2009).
    4. What type of food to cater at the reception, and of course the type of wedding cake.
    5. Where to purchase his Wedding Band, with a personalized inscription on the inside, and of course, insurance on it, as well.
    6. Where to purchase my wedding gowns, the bridal party's dresses and shoes, as well as the mother of the bride and groom's dresses, and their white high-heeled sandals.
    7. Where to purchase party favors for our wedding party.
    And, I'm sure I didn't include everything, that is left, because my mind is on over-drive, at the moment. However, we really just want great quality, reasonable prices, and everything to work with the weather and the scenery on our special day. I've visited the, and like, their website, but still want other options, so we can accomplish our goal, being that our Special Day, that we share with our loved ones, is one that we will remember for a lifetime. So please, share any advice, suggestions, or ideas, you may have, with me, b/c I really would appreciate them. Thanks for your time, and I hope to hear from some of you, soon. Last, but not least, know you, and sos in the military, are in my thoughts and prayers, always!

    aka LovelyLisa
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    When my best friend did her wedding, she had some kind of planner book thingy... It listed ideas and stuff... Maybe check out or Barnes and Nobles for it
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    Wow you will have a lot of colors going on. Is there a reason you have set colors for the moms dresses? Why not let them go to the store and find a dress that works for them? For dresses try places like Davids or local bridal salons. They will have a large selection to choose from. If it was me I would opt out from doing the save the date announcements especially if you aren't sure about the specific date till later it will save you some money. Just use word of mouth. For wedding bands go to a jewlery store. Your best bet is to honestly grab some wedding magazines and do internet searches to find ideas for what you like. That is what I did. If you find a picture cut it out or print it out. Then when you work with the bakery or florist you can tell them I like this part of this picture and that part and you can talk with them on how to combine what you like.

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