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Thread: The little things in life!

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    Love The little things in life!

    Being in a long distance relationship I've realized that you appreciate the little things so much more! I see my friends with their boyfriends/husbands here and I don't think they realize how many things they take for granted! Whenever I finally get to see Bryndan I'm so excited about even the littlest things like going grocery shopping, seeing him blink, or a smile form on his face. It might sound crazy to some people but as I mentioned before I appreciate the little things so much more because they're so rare! I'm sure whenever I get to move out there that in time I too will lose sight of the little things and take them for granted but until then the littlest thing with him puts me on cloud nine hah. Anyone else have anything similar to share because I know I've left alot of things out and I know you all probably have some more wonderful things to add
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    Oh yes i know my friends dont understand how just a phone call can make me the happiest person in the world. A bunch of us girls were on a road trip got a flat tire and i was soooooooo mad cause we couldnt get my jack off and the cops would not help. My phone started ringing and it was DB calling my whole attitude changed i was seriously on cloud 9 all day cause it had been a good week since i talked to him. (FYI hes in iraq lol sorry)
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    I agree with you. Hubby and I have always had a long distance relationship, even before he deployed since we live in different countries. It has it's challenges (limited physical contact) but once the two people involved are committed then it just flows naturally. We love each other more everyday and seeing him is like being a kid at christmas! It's great and it does help you to appreciate what you have more.

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