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    Big Grin A DEFNITE MUST READ!!!!!


    Everything I Would Do For My Love
    For every guy that is serious about his girl show her how much you care! The same reassurance you feel needed in a relationship is needed on her end as well. So take the time to compliment and reassure your love for her. I have seen this bulletin and this as a blog and I do not believe it has been done the right way. In all my encounters I've tried to provide stability and reassurance to whomever I was with. So I hope this can provide you all the love needed to strengthen your bond with your love one!

    If she walks away…

    [ I would follow her to show deep sincerity in how she feels ]

    When she stare's at your mouth…

    [Slightly stare at her lips back then glance back into her eyes before you kiss her]

    When she pushes you or hit's you…

    [ Console her and let her know that you wont let her go ]

    When she start's cursing at you…

    [ Don't curse back but instead kiss her and tell her you love her to show the patience your love has ]

    When she's quiet…
    [ Be attentive and look deep into her eyes and ask, What's wrong? ]

    When she ignores you…

    [ Give her your attention and wait on her to observe your interest her ]

    When she pulls away…

    [ Softly console her and pull her back ]

    When you see her at her worst…

    [ Tell her she is as beautiful today as she has always been in your heart]

    When you see her start crying…

    [Don't say anything but go over and console her with love ]

    When you see her walking…

    [ Sneak up from behind and embrace her around her waist…But don't leave out a soft kiss on the cheek (It's Endearing) ]

    When she's scared…

    [ Provide her with the security she needs and make her feel safe ]

    When she lay's her head on your shoulder…

    [ Tilt her head up slightly and let her see your eyes glance around the beauty of her face and kiss her ( A soft smile while glancing would help)]

    When she steal's your favorite hat…

    [ Let her keep it and make it her favorite]

    When she tease's you…

    [ Tease her back and make her laugh. It really shows a playful side that rounds out a fun relationship]

    When she doesn't answer for a long time…

    [ Always reassure her that everything is okay and that you will be here for her]

    When she look's at you with doubt…

    [ Be certain and back everything you do. But don't make references to the relationship by saying if you loved me you would trust me. Because risking love and a relationship over doubt wont secure any belief….It will instead secure more doubt the you may be as serious as she is ]

    When she say's that she like's you…

    [ She really does more than you could understand…Saying I am feeling you or referring to how attractive you are is a spark of interest…But when she says she likes you then there is a deep care below all the attraction that makes her feelings profound and reflective]

    When she grab's at your hands…

    [ Hold hers like she is your prize possession and play with her fingers…Make her seem like you want to and that you love and appreciate her affection ]

    When she bump's into you…

    [ Bump her back and use the humor she fell for to make her laugh ]

    When she tells you a secret…

    [ Provide her with the security she had when she told you and keep it to yourself…Meaning telling your boys are off limits!]

    When she looks at you in your eyes…

    [ Look deeply into hers and don't take your eyes off her till she looks away ]

    When she misses you…

    [ She is hurting at the fact she cant be near or feel your combined love...So keep her in mind and try to make time to make contact with her…Message, Text, In Person etc.]

    When you break her heart…

    [ The pain really never subsides…It will stay and be present for sometime so treat your heart like its your own ]

    When she says it's over…

    [ She may still want to be yours…Invest time and reflect on why she has said it ]
    When she runs up at you crying, the first thing you say is;

    ["Who's ass am I kicking baby?"]
    If she wants to watch a movie
    [Watch her favorite movie with her or her favorite show even if you think it's stupid…Because showing interest in what she loves gives her a sense that you are committed]

    When it's her birthday…

    [Call her at 12:00am on her birthday to tell her you love her]
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    DEFINITE I spelled it wrong...
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    This is cute!
  4. Fact: bears eat beets.
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    Fact: bears eat beets.
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    Perfect - love it.
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    I was like when I read it! I was about to tell him to marry me LOL

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