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Thread: i love db, but...

  1. martiemullet
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    Roll Eyes i love db, but...

    he sent me on a wild goose chase.

    he insisted i mail him civilian clothes for him to wear on the plane ride home for his leave... and he wanted new jeans. he insisted he wears a 33x33.

    well, apparently that size does not exist. i tore the mall up looking for jeans in 33x33. not only that, but they had to be relaxed fit and a dark rinse, but not indigo dark, just normal dark. and not generic brand, but not too expensive, i forget what brands he listed as "acceptable". WHAT? yeah. and i refuse to buy him jeans that taper at the bottom, i hate the way that looks.

    so i bought two pairs of jeans, spending nearly $70, but it was worth it just to stop looking for jeans. lol. one pair is 33x32 and the other's 33x34, so we'll see which pair works. they're both levi's, one pair is relaxed straight leg and the other is boot cut, i personally like the boot cut pair better but we'll see.

    now i have to mail these out. he wanted them overnighted, but there's no way i'm going to do that. i'll send them 3 day or something like that, there's no way he won't have them within the next 3 weeks!

    seriously. i don't even go thru this kind of hassle buying my own jeans! and i definately don't spend that much! he better wear these for years! and if this isn't love, i don't know what is, lol!
  2. army_girl_20
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    sometimes men astound me in their insanity
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    LOL Men!!! So picky! I'm sorry you had to go everywhere to find something. Hope he likes them! You could even do a flat rate box for 8.95 and it will get to him in 2-3 days. Pretty easy and you can buy and print out a lable from USPS. Good Luck!
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    Hahahahahah yeah they are worst than we are....BUT they never want to admit it!!!!!
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    Ahhh boys!
  6. ...
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    Df wears a crazy size too!! We spent FOREVER finding him the pair of jeans that were just right. He's too picky.
    I think Df's a 32x34??
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    wow. Good for you for doing your best!!!
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    if you hadn't spent so much money on them, i'd say, send the 33x34's to him w/ an inch cut off the bottom. he he.

    my bro has told me, when he gets here for r & r, the first stop is the mall for some civvies.
  9. stronger and stronger every day
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    stronger and stronger every day
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    men can be much much worse than they think we are at times.
    hope one of them work out
  10. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta
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    Damn it feels good to be a gangsta
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    and men say we're picky about our clothes and shopping!

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