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Thread: Who said "I Love You" first?

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    >.< *face palm* >.<
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    Who said "I Love You" first?

    Who was the 1st to say those three little words? Cute story? Share!
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    we were talking on the phone one night...probably around 1am, and he just stopped in the middle of something we were talking about and was like "ok, i want to say something, but i don't want to freak you out, but i've been holding back for a few days now..." and then he said it...and i was like "omg, i've been holding back for a few days now too! i love you too!"

    it was funny cuz earlier that day i was talking to a friend about how i wanted to say it, but didn't want to say it for the first time over the phone, but it was PERFECT!!!

    when we got off the phone, we didn't say it at the end of the convo, so i called him back at the risk of waking his roommate and said i just wanted to hear it we said it and went to bed

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  3. who will drive my soul?
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    who will drive my soul?
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    he did. like two weeks into it.
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    Db said it first. I was crying for whatever reason (bc pills were a killer!), I think we were in a really deep conversation, and he started feeling bad I was crying and he just said "you know I love you right?!" not the most romantic story, but I would never change it! It took me a few hours to say it back though because right after he said it, "I know" just came out. I guess I was surprised he said it. I could feel for a few weeks he had been trying to tell me, but he would always say never mind.

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    DB did, and he continued to tell me it for a while before I was ready to tell him. Iím sure glad he was okay with waiting and didnít get mad about it!

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    He said it first... i ALMOST did prior to that night.. but i chickened out... and i wanted to hear him say it
    although.. when he DID say it... he was so nervous (and cute) so i almost said it to make it easier on him... but it was just too dang cute
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    He did.. and I said thank you... I told him when I said it, I'd really mean it.. it took me a week to tell him, but I did, I do and always will..

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    I said it first, and it took him ooooh about a month to say it back.

    Finally one day he said I feel it but I don't want to say it. I was like WTH?? I said I couldn't understand how you could feel it and not want to say it, and then I started bawling. Needless to say he realized that even though I knew he felt it, it was something I needed to hear as well. So he took my head in his hands and looked in my eyes and told me he loved me.

    Not the most romantic story in the world, but I will never forget that moment. His ex wife had cheated on him while he was on deployment and she was the last person he ever said it to. So it was a HUGE step for him!

    Now he says it everyday!
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    *OTHER* We were talking on the phone on New Years while the ball dropped and we couldnt spend the night together because he was on the east coast and I on the west...(before moving) and we just both said I love you happy new year! It was perfect timing and the exact perfect moment even if it was just over the phone
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    He said it the first night! Normally I would've run for the hills.... but I knew it was different. So I said it back. NOT LIKE ME AT ALL!!!!!
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