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Thread: I need advice

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    Smile I need advice

    Alright ladies I need some help with something. Chris will be out of the Navy in July of '09 and he is wanting to go to school when he's done. He is also wanting for us to move in together so if anyone could give me some advice on if this is a good idea or not let me know. Him and I have a good strong relationship but sometimes getting adjusted to being out of the military can be hard on people and I dont think that this would happen but I wouldn't want it to take a toll on our relationship. So any advice would be amazing!
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    Does he want to move in together before you are married? Are you comfortable with that? Ask yourself that question first, I think that is the most important.

    *Thank you Valarie!!*

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    My boyfriend wants to move in together when he gets home from Iraq in December of 09 he'll still have 2 years of college left and I'll have just one semester. He's in college right now. Since I'll be done with school I'll be wanting to find a job and that might not keep me here in Springfield. So all that worries me. Its tricky...and one thing is I really dont want to live with someone without being married and he thinks he's "too young" to get married right now. younger guys sucks.

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