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Thread: We have a date!

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    We have a date!

    We were planning on getting married before he has to leave to basic training in April, and we got some great news today! Our pastor, who is a close family friend, has volunteered to do the ceremony for us on March 8th! So it looks like we wont be doing a courthouse wedding after all! We'll be getting married in 2 1/2 weeks! We've got pretty busy schedules until then, but we've got an appointment for Monday afternoon to get the marriage license Provided the weather is nice, we'll be getting married at his parent's house, they live in the middle of the valley and have this amazing pond behind their house and it's perfect. I'm so glad they'll be there and are supporting this decision for us, it means so much to us! So we'll be there with both of our parents and I'm hoping my sister will come as well, but the jury is out on that one. My boss' husband is a sports photographer, but has also offered his services for us after clearing his schedule, and I already had an appointment to get my hair done on that Saturday, and I called to see if she could fit me in a little longer and she could!!

    I just have to go out and find a dress, which I will definitely do tomorrow. I'm not looking for anything fancy, just a simple, but just a plain, simple, and cute dress. And we're going to have a celebratory dinner afterwards at one of our favorite restaurants and book a room in a bed and breakfast for Saturday night. A lot has just fallen into place today between my many naps [pregnancy makes me so tired].

    In just over 2 weeks I will officially be a married woman!
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    congratulations! you sound like a very relaxed and happy bride.
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    That is great
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    Thank you I'm so excited to have an actual date it's not even funny! I didn't think anything would fall into place like this!

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