long one...

DF got his wisdom teeth out early on Friday. He wasn't in much pain, as I was in when I had mine done. So he attempted to go out Friday night, but didn't make it there, just hung out with a few friends and all. He was exhausted that night, so I didn't really get to speak to him much.

On Saturday he went out with some of his friends to a Tractor Pull.. He purposely didn't take his meds so he could drink. I texted him almost towards the middle of the night saying, "I miss you" no response. I called him a couple hours later, he said he couldn't hear me and he would call me when he leaves. I then wake up at 5am and realize he never called, so I texted him and asked if he got back ok. Then I get a phone call, from his phone. But it's his buddy not him. He said that DF wanted him to let me know that he is ok. So I questioned where he was, DF then gets on the phone. He's extremely drunk. Apparently things were being said between him and another guy, so DF wanted to fight him. His buddy was in the background trying to calm him down. He wouldn't acknowledge anything I was saying to him to calm him down either. His friend then said, "F him dude, talk to your girl" And DF says "F her" He got off the phone with me shortly thereafter not saying anything at all but love you and bye. I knew if I were to call him back and say something, it would make him more angry than he already was, and wasn't worth it.

So the next day, I waited for him to call me. (Im always the one calling or texting first during the day) So he called early afternoon, and I was at a bridal shower, which he knew about. My phone was on vibrate in my purse so I didn't feel it. I called him back 10 mins later, he asks why I didn't answer. I tell him, he says "don't lie to me" Then precedes to ask why I didn't call him last night, I explained to him what he said and all. And he's apologized profusely for it. He doesn't remember talking to me at all.

Later on, he could tell it was still bothering me, he said you know I'm an asshole when I'm drunk. I explained to him that he's never one to me, he's the complete opposite. It was very hurtful what he said, even though it was unintentional (I'd like to think) and he doesn't recall saying it. But even his remarks the following day, show how insecure he is with himself. I want him to get over this, and not question me every time I miss his phone call. It's already late in the afternoon today, and still no word from him, esp with having the day off!!! Id like to think that he'd want to try to make up for me being so upset about everything. It's definitely put a damper on my mood the past couple of days.

Any advice on how to boost his insecurities a little bit?!