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Thread: Who should earn the money?

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    Who should earn the money?

    There is a poll coming...

    When it comes down to it, this is a more of an old fashioned questions asking what you believe in. A several part question...sorry.

    Does it matter who should be the bread winner in the family? Do you think the man should support his family or should the woman? Should it be a mix of both? And why?

    Would you happily stay home while your SO makes the money? Do you need to work to make you happy?
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    DH and I share the opinion that who ever can earn the most money should work and the other should stay home with the kids. He is working now cause he already was when we met and I only had a part time job, so I stay at home with the kids and do what I can to help bring in the money from there (sewing, beading)

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    both should earn money. i'd like it to be even.

    db told me he had a civillian job offer this past week for $87k per year...but he's got 3.5 years left in the navy. that's a lot more than what i make & kinda makes me sad because i invested in a degree.

    i am happy about the job offer tho, because for the first time, he has clearer idea of what he could do after the navy....the fringe benefits are pretty sweet too!
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    I believe it's a man's responsibility however, if his wife brings in more and she's happy with that and wants to be the sole bread winner then by all means, I don't think that is wrong. ETA: If both want to work, no problem with that either. If he wants to be a SAHD that's cool too as long as both are cool with it; it'll work.

    I'm a SAHM. I worked before kids and I may or may not work after the kids have left the nest. My husband and home will still be my priority. Working comes after everything else for me. DH is in accordance with this as well. I mean afterall, when he's retired and the kids are married having my grandbabies and whatnot I don't want to be tied to a job.
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    i think it should be the way the couple thinks it should be, i like having a job but db would rather me stay home and relax.. so thats what i do. we also agreed that if i wanted to get a job while he was gone i would.. if the husband doesnt want to work and the woman does and theyre both okay then why not? and vice versa.
  6. fridaynightgirl
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    I put both. Now, that has some stipulations (of course).

    I am very traditional (old-fashioned) about home and family and have a sincere desire to be at home - young children in the house or not. I feel a strong attachment to home. If I had the opportunity, I would walk away from my career in a heartbeat.

    Having said that, I have a very good job, I am very successful and I enjoy the income I bring home. DB has a good job and he is also successful. Our incomes together would allow us a financial freedom that we would have to sacrifice somewhat were I to leave the workplace.

    If there are young children at home, I would feel a strong pull to be at home with them. Now that Munchkin is in school, I don't feel the same guilt about leaving her as I used to.
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    I said both.I don't think it really matters who brings in the money.I personally could never not work.I just don't like the idea of ever being economically dependant on a man.Maybe it's because I saw how that worked out with my parents.Who knows?I'm going to work no matter what.It's just not in my nature not to.
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    He brings the bacon and I cook it...
  9. martiemullet
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    right now, neither of us is making enough money that the other can afford to stay home.
    so we BOTH need to work.
    i'd love to be a SAHM someday, but i don't think it would be financially possible. if i had a job where db could be a SAHD i'd love that too, but don't expect it to happen.
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    I voted The man should bring in the money....but my vote is what works for US!
    I'm here to birth the kiddos AND take care of them, while he's at work/school!!! When the kids are of school age or go to preschool, I have NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO problems working!!!! After all, I do plan to obtain my college degree to become a paralegal!!!
    I guess I should've voted on BOTH, but as of right now both isn't the best option, due to the busyness of our lives...
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