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Thread: awww :)

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    awww :)

    so i woke up this morning and while we were eating breakfast DH told me that he had a surprise for me and that he needed to get me out of the house for a little bit so he could "do something." he made me an appointment at a spa for a 80 min hot stone massage and manicure!! then when i came home he had a GINORMOUS valentines day card for me....that he made. it was made out of that really big foam poster board and it opened up like a book. he put so much work into and it is sooooo cute! then he had to tell me the other thing he had planned for me, but got cancelled...he was gonna pack a picnic and take me down to la jolla for susnet...but it was gross and rainy out today so that didnt work. so now, im making him his fav dinner, gonna have a few drinks, watch a movie and then have some fun
    oh and this weekend we're going to medieval times...should be fun!
    i love my hubby soooo much!
  2. Porcelain..are you wasting away in your skin?
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    Porcelain..are you wasting away in your skin?
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    awww, for a good night!!
    Sad, sad, sad. Pathetic, actually.
  3. I love my guardsman!!!
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    I love my guardsman!!!
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    Thats so sweet of him!!!! I hope yall have a great time tonight and this weekend!
    We accept the love we think we deserve.
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    aaawwwww im jealous....lucky girl!!
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    In my skin.
    That's so cute....tha day Hubby makes a hand craft for me is the day HELL freezes over!

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