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Thread: he had been acting strange for a few weeks now.

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    long winded.. sorry ladies...

    SO about a week ago DH is yelling at me about money and i am not one to spend things on stuff for myself just for the hell of it to often so just when things start to calm down all Okay so he apologizes for that then the next day tells me he's sorry but he is about to run out of minutes but not to bother buying him more cause those phone cards are being discontinued or some crap.
    I didn't hear from him at all sat- sunday and so i'm trying to figure out what the hell is going on. trying to think good things like maybe he is suprising me and coming home for valentinesday cause believe i was thinking alot of things i didn't want to. monday he ims me and tells that he has good news and bad news the badnews being that he had to spend $100 and the good that he now has a laptop and we will be able to chat alot more. Didn't hear anything from him yesterday but I get a package in the mail from FTD and of course i assume it is from my DH. So get so excited and dismiss his strang behavor.
    then i get another one in the mail today well i was to excited and opend the one today. Well he signs on tonight

    Him: um you didn't open anything yet didi you?
    Me: um... yeah well sort of
    Him: no!!!!
    Me: i didn't open what came yesterday but i opened the one that came today
    Me: sorry
    Him: f***
    HIM: why?
    Me: sorry.. why?
    Him: why didn't you just wait
    Me: i don't know
    Me: you are lucky gabe was the one who stopped me from opening what came yesterday
    Him: how could you not know?
    Him: so much for everything
    Me: not know?
    Me: oh was i suposed to open it infront of you on the web cam or something?
    Him: i've been working so hard to get all my lines connected so i could watch you open those over the internet in my room'
    Me: aww
    Me: I'm so sorry hunny
    Me: wow i really f***ed up
    Him: i can't believe you just open it all
    Him: why? you have never done this befor
    Me: noooo
    Meghan Winters: now i feel double awful
    sky winters: whell what the f*** have you already seen?
    Me: chocolates
    Me: and thank you very sweet
    Me: i was just so excited
    Me: i don't get mail everyday
    Him: what else did you open?
    Me: i started to open the box to the other one.. kind of smallish and pretty damn heavy gabe stopped no no aunt meghan it's not valentines day yet
    Him: so how many have arrived?
    Me: two.. why?
    Him: nevermind, you don't touch any of that shit till i tell you i don't care if it's valentines day tomorrow or not
    Me: but but.. okay deal
    Me: i love you please don't be mad at me
    Me: kisses wlot
    Him: well i guess i can't be too mad at you. you opened the least important box
    Me: well thank the post office, fedx or who ever it was for that one lol

    lol it went on but i'll say you the trouble. He went out of his way to try to give me the perfect valentineday (well as perfect as it can be without him and i screwed it up. not to mention i was so shocked to be having packages delievered to me at all cause we said we weren't going to do anything till r&r. and then i tried to hook my web cam up anyway and it said the drivers weren't installed and he signed off before i could get it working i feel awful but at the same time i am on cloud9 right now i can't believe how much trouble he went to bought a laptop from one of his friends just so he could see me open my gifts. He really thought of everything ::SWOON:: except me opening it ahead of time : he is so wonderful
    just thought i'd share
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    awwww that is so cute, hubby sent me something the first time he was deployed and he told me not to touch it till he got back from the field, so the box sat there for a week i was so tempted to open it, it was awful, i actually had to have his mom hide it from me lol. but that is so sweet!!!!

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