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Thread: what are/did you get your SO

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    what are/did you get your SO

    for Valentine's Day?

    I got dh some more aftershave but they stopped selling DKNY Be Delicious for men so i got him Kenneth Cole Reaction (smells super similar) and i'm getting him a huge coffee mug because we only have small mugs so he has been asking for a larger cup

    ETA: the cup is from dd
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    I ordered him 2 boxes of cheesecake petite fours that will be delivered tomorrow and I bought "what I love about you." to fill out for him.. which I have barely started on.. oops.
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    A box of chocolate covered cherries, a nice dress shirt, and a $30 Best Buy giftcard from Ethan. I was looking to get a Wii, but couldn't find one at a DECENT price...
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    I got him a few cards, even one from the baby who isnt even here yet , candy, a few little games to keep him from getting bored. A framed pic of us for him to put up and a few other snacks just to have for whenever he gets hungry.
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    We both agreed not get eachother anything this year, but I still ended up buying him a card & making a lil gift just so he knew that I was thinking of him.
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    I got him a singing card and balloons that will be delivered to his office. The kids got him a card as well.
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    Since he is deployed, I got him a set of jersey knit sheets for his rack, a book with cute little couples stories (RoMANTIC's guide, not that he needs reminders) and a cute little bear since he loves that kind of thing. (I got a matching bear for me, so they can be "together apart" ) Plus some letters from me.

    I got him some other things for all the holidays so far, but he will get those when he gets home, so he wouldn't have to tote everything around with him.
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    i got him a stuffed dragon , wrote him a really nice letter and a johnny cash cd set
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    well, considering we have v-day, our anniversary and his birthday all in a 2 week period, and we are a bit short on money this year, i got him the external hard drive and a zune, and that was for all 3... i feel bad cuz its like, hes getting the raw end of the deal, but hey, he picked or wedding date, lol

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    well it was kind of a mixture of his birthday present because it was last week and valentines day, and it was a complete collection of walt whitman poetry, and i got got him a buddhist book.
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