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Thread: I love giving him a hard time..

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    I love giving him a hard time..

    I always give him a hard time when were on the phone when he's at the wire. He gets distracted easely, an theres a tv near them so he often doesnt respond or talk. So I have to either say Baby really loud, or say his lastname loudly on the phone. I always end up asking if he's distracted by the flashie box (aka the tv). It's so cute when he's come an he gets distracted by something. Usually a kiss on the cheek or a flash will get his attention back to me.

    It's also fun to hear what the guys are yelling about in the room. Sometimes I hear a "Get off me!" from Df. His buddies are weird...
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    I'm the same way sometimes when I'm on the phone, but dh gets offended and asks me if I want him to call back later so i've learned to just turn the tv off when we're on the phone

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