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Thread: Cimmitment? I think so!

  1. Gained a child but lost my sanity!
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    Gained a child but lost my sanity!
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    Cloud 9 Cimmitment? I think so!

    I had a conversation with one of my best friends today about DB & I moving in together. She thinks that because he hasn't proposed it is a dumb idea because he "is never going to make a commitment." (And oh yeah- I told him that if he proposed any time soon I would laugh, I am in no rush to get married!) He just bought a house 45 min. off of post because that means it is only an hour drive for me to work (and school in the fall) instead of almost 2. He is having me live there rent/bill free so I can save money to go to grad school. Oh and the first thing he did was replace the vanity so we had more room in the master bath . Basically- she is an idiot.

    So with that whole story- you think he is making a commitment? I really think he is
  2. Banned
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    you have to go with what you want and what you think...seems to me like he has made a huge committment by having you move in...and especially since you told him not to propose...tell her to mind her own business!!
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    If actions speak louder than words (and they do), then he's very committed to you. I wouldn't worry about a thing. And, I'm guessing you'd do more than laugh if he did propose. You'd say yes in a heartbeat.
  4. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    Totally..he is totally committed! and it was nice of him to get something somewhere where you won't have to drive so much! what a swell guy
  5. Senior Member
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    Thats a huge commitment!!! She's off her rocker!
  6. I love my guardsman!!!
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    I think he has made a commitment. Maybe your friend just doesnt understand.
    We accept the love we think we deserve.

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