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Thread: How Do I Set a Wedding Date?

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    Neutral How Do I Set a Wedding Date?

    My DH and I get married 2 months ago by a justice of the peace, knowing that we will have a real wedding this summer with our children, family and friends. The problem is that he will go on boat duty in July and we will have to move. We are planning on having the wedding in Kansas. How can we set a date when we don't know what is going to happen and when exactly??
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    I am really not sure. Me and my dh are doing the same thing, and I have not set a date yet because I have to wait to see what will be going on.
    I guess you could just find a day that works with your situation. Sorry I wasnt much help.
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    this drove me insane.
    we ended up setting the date during df's block leave.. which was way earlier then i was planning on getting married. but, between pcsing and likely deploying again... on top of the fact that our chruch was being remodeled in 2009. i finally gave in and set the date during that time.

    it's tough... after we had to cancel our original date, we were in wedding limbo for a good 4 months. you'll figure it out... try not to go crazy!
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    I had a childhood friend who got married in Kansas last year to someone who is in the Navy. They didn't know when to set their date either so they went ahead and made all their arrangements (flowers, dresses, making the guest list, found a minister, etc.) and about 3 weeks before the wedding they found a day they were able to do it..they made a couple phone calls to a couple different churches and found one that would allow them to have the ceremony on such a short notice. All the invitations were mailed out that day but they also e-mailed a lot of their invitations. For the reception, they kept it simple and had a potluck since it was just family and close friends anyway. I think you will be able to do it, just plan wisely. Best of luck!!
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    Df asked a higher up, an the guy told him whatever date he choses he will have it off. I think our situation is very rare. We've had to move it around a few times so far because of conflictions, but so far it's ok.

    Maybe set the date away by like a month, that way not much is gonna happen between then an now.

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