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Thread: whats best? do you ever know?

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    whats best? do you ever know?

    life and love and marriage are all so confusing. me and dh have been married almost 4 yrs (2 months will be 4) and it seems like all we do is argue fight and bicker, he was called active (national guard) feb of 06 then left for Iraq in july 06, came back in dec 06 (med reasons) and has been at ft hood in a med unit since....anyway, with him being gone its gettin harder...i am sooo tired of the fighting tho....
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    ..well, i would say talk to eachother and if its about small things then just let it slide..they are all confusing..DH and I were in that phase and we had a serious talk about it and we worked on communicating better with eachother..also mad just saying.
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    i'm sorry sweetie, i have no real advice to give except that all you really can do is talk to him and tell him how you are feeling and also how he is feeling. i hope you work things out one way or the other tho
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    All I can do is offer some , I really don't have any advice.
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    I'm sorry girl, just talk to him and be very honest. I think moat go through that in there marriage.
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    So you don't live together, right?
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    DH and I fight alot too! It sucks but all couples fight...if you think it is too out of hand then maybe try marriage counseling or both figuring out what each of you do to cause the fights to get so bad (yelling, calling each other names, walking out...etc) and try working on those and maybe it will lessen your fights or at least make them last alot shorter.
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    aww sweetie!! Just remember, sometimes relationships have really rough lows...some last a week, some a year, just take it slow. He loves you. And you love him. One day at a time!

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