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Thread: Did You Meet Your SO Online???

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    Giggle Did You Meet Your SO Online???

    If you met your SO online, how did it happen?? Did he approach you first, or did you target him first?!! Did you meet while he was deployed, in training, etc?

    Did you start developing deep feelings and/or love for each other BEFORE you met one another...or after you met? How soon after meeting online did you decide to take it to IN PERSON? Tell us about your first times!

    OH OH!!! Anyone here that has met someone online that they are waiting to meet when he returns home?!!! If so, how long have y'all been talking for?! Are you nervous? Is your day approaching soon?!

    ANDDDD do you keep your relationship working if you are both long distance to each other in the states when he is home?

    GOSH I'M SO NOSEY!! But i just want to hear some cute stories...Puhleaseeeeeee shareeee!!!

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    I moved from Vernon Hills, IL to Annapolis, MD and wasn't 21 yet, so I couldn't really go out and meet people. I sent out messages on myspace to about 60 people (m and f)....he and a few other guys replied...the next two days we talked on AIM (I was feeling like shit cuz my dad had cancer..he ended up dying in Dec.) and then on Friday Aug 4th 2006 we met after work and have been unseparable ever since...well besides the distance now....but that'll be over soon!
    We spent every free second with each other...We went to an underage club in B'more and to the beach (that's where he first kissed me), we went to the movies and to dinner....(not in that order but who cares). The first day he was all gentleman, I only got a hug when we said goodbye, even though I was soooo hoping for a kiss. I got the kiss on the second day of our first weekend together (nights were spent separately cuz he wasn't allowed to stay over), at a small hidden beach. He picked me up...the bride kinda way and looked deep in my eyes...I might even have kissed him first but I just knew it was gonna was all tingeling and felt so magnetic...the funny part was he got a boner and tried to hide it from me, ooooooo but I knew it was there!!!!lol

    He proposed to me March 31st 2007 and the wedding will be May 23rd 2008

    Gosh I could write so much more!!!!!
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    I met mine on My best friend had just gotten out of a serious relationship like 5 years or something and she was bummed and i was pretty bummed so it was one of those well if you do it I'll do it things so we both signed up for a month. Well In that month I saw Keith on there and he was stationed in this area so I "winked" at him and he winked back but then wrote me a comment saying he had a girlfriend and never got on this thing and that he was in Kuwait.. so I was like ok peace!! Then like a month later he emails me again and says him and his girflriend broke up so we started talking from like Oct to Dec and I liked him a lot but was very very skeptical about the online thing so when he got back from Kuwait in Dec. last year I picked him up at the airport and we were attached at the hip since.. ohh and I def. still check match every once in a while just to make sure I dont see him on there lol.. I still have my guard up about some things.. Anyways, Im not a fan of telling people we met on match but i couldnt of found a better person out there for me and plus it beats meeting guys drunk in bards
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    we met through MSN role play chats back when i was 15 and he was the time i was with someone else.

    we only really "knew"eachother IC (in character)and he was basically a dick
    so he approached me first and we started to get to know eachother OOC (out of character)and i developed a 6 year crush on him before we finally got together lol.

    when we got was around christmas time ex that had gotten me into roleplay so that i was able to meet him,decided to dump me a few days before christmas.
    and one night i was online. and i got a message from was weird cause it was like uh wtf?arnt you supposed to be in basic?

    so we were joking and everything.and i said "heh at this rate maybe we should date" o-o he actually went for it and was like ok.
    and the next day he was all"well um i was thinkin and uh...would you be my girlfriend"it was really sweet actually (well...sweet for him anyways)

    we then met in person Jan.27th at his bootcamp graduation at ft.jackson.
    which was awkward.because i couldnt find him.they all looked the same to me and i was easily confussed..thankfully no one else there was dressed like me and he found me rather easily xD

    family day we went to the PX. he bought me an army ring,and a magic the gathering deck.we went to the bowling ally and got our first pictures together ever taken (aswell as our first kiss )

    he tried to teach me how to paly pool it was fun but a bust cause i had trouble.
    that night after dinner we were walking around the px.and he told me "after 6 years i FINALLY have you and im never gunna let you go"

    then on graduation day he got me an army girlfriend tshirt (which i still have i just cant wear it no more since we're married now )we also played a bunch of arcade games but it was funny cause on the fighting games i beat him good ^ ^'.
    he then told me i was the best girlfriend he ever had cause unlike most of his ex's i actually liked that kind of thing and didnt bitch about it all the time
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    we didn't meet online, we met in 6th grade...but we reconnected on myspace this year after not talking in about 4 years (since high school graduation)...then i flew out to see him for my spring break, and the rest is history

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    We didn't meet online, we met at a huge praise service on our campus - he was the first person I saw when I arrived there.

    However, we used instant messaging like CRAZY to get to know one another when we couldn't physically be really helped both of us open up, and then when we were physically together, we opened up even more.

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    We metr online. I found an email address written down, not in my hand writting. I emailed and he emailed back. We began talking VIA IM and the phone, he was deployed in Iraq at the time. We feel in love and he asked me to marry him.. I said I would before we met physically. He got back from Iraq, to his home town in Mass. Drove 1,200 miles to see me in FL.

    When we met physically, it was late like 4am and he had been driving for like 20 hours We were both way tired (I had been talking to him on the phone his trip) I walked out to the parking lot and met him, he opened his truck door and picked me up in the air. He held me, silently for about 5 minutes. He got back in his truck and pulled me in the cab. He gave me a ring from Ireland and put it on my finger. We spent the most amazing time together. Fell harder in love than we ever though possible.

    He left to go back to Mass this morning Hes going to get a place for us in Mass, i'll be moving up there before Christmas sometime, and we can be together

    I miss him so much already, but it was like something out of a fairytale. Hes my soul mate, im sure of it

    We're from the country.. And we like it that way
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    I did meet my DB online last year.I saw his profile..I winked at him.And he winked back.And one night i decided to go into the chatroom.And there he was with a few other people.And we started talking.And evetually we exchanged e-mail address.And evetually phone numbers.And we got talking on like yahoo messenger like everyday and then on the phone.And just after a few weeks. I realized he was someone special to me.And we always wished we would have met each other when he was stationed in maryland years ago.And he was the first to tell me he loved me.And i said i felt the same way.

    When he is home.E-mails, talking on yahoo instant messenger, phone calls, text messages.

    When his job with verizon sent him to the philippines, we kept in touch with e-mails, letters in the mail, packages, phone calls. etc

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    we met on a mustang forum. started chatting cuz he was in the navy. talked for about 6 months or so & off to sea he went. hatched a plan for me to move to seattle & here i am. met him for hte first time on the pier when i picked him up.
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    DB and I met online through myspace. He was/still is deployed to Iraq and trying to find more "people" (by that I mean girls) from back home that he could talk to. He was just browsing myspace one day and ran across my picture, liked what he saw and sent me a friend request. I normally don't approve those kind of things, but he was REALLY cute! We started talking online. He quickly became one of my very best friends. We talked for almost two months and then he had his two week leave. So we decided to meet up at this cute little park in my uncle's neighborhood. We sat and talked for four hours and then I had to get going. We had our first date a few days later, we went to texas road house because he knew that steak was my favorite food, later that night we went back to his house where he had this huge party waiting for me. We had our first kiss in front of all of his friends they thought it was cute. lol And I broke my rule for him. We ended up having all of our firsts together that night... I normally don't do that this early but he told me that it wouldn't change anything and for some reason I believed him. The next day he told me that he loved me and a week later I watched my other half get on a plane to go back to the hell hole. But we've never been closer and we're planning on getting married two weeks after he gets back.
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