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Thread: Do you ever really know?

  1. stars4bea
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    Do you ever really know?

    Do you ever really know that he/she's the "one?" I mean, you love them and all, but how do you know they are it? Do you still sometimes wonder when you're angry? How did everyone else know when you got engaged/married?

    Just curious.
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    thats a really hard thing to explain cuz its hard to explain a feeling you have, i guess the best way to put it is if your willing to give all you have to them or to die for them, to give yourself to one person and only one and love them enough to forgive them when they have wornged you, then hay are the one for you, im not sure how many will agree with me but thats just my beliefe you cant explain how you feel about some one to others very well but you know what is right for you so if you feel that person is the one go for it.
  3. Happy little tree
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    You know what everyone tells you (or at least everyone told me when I was struggling with "love" and relationships)..."When you find'll know..." Well, I never believed them, but then, I found DH and...well...I knew. Just like that. Even when we fought, I still had no doubts about him at all. I knew almost immediately after we met, so it really is just something you'll "know" when you find it. However, I do know that plenty of couples start out rockier or not knowing, but they'll grow into a very deep love and commitment.

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  4. As life is eternal, love is immortal.
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    You'll just know, when you meet that person your suppose to spend the rest of your life with you will know.
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    I think you just know....I've cared a lot about my previous DB's even loved 1 of them. But this one is my TRUE love. I just feel it in my bones...

  6. Cherrish
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    I've been questioning that a lot lately myself, because I'd like to know as well.
  7. ArmyGirl
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    No matter how angry I get, I have never questioned if he really is the one.

    I know he is the one.
  8. Loving My Navy Veteran
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    You just know. I had ZERO doubts in my mind that my husband was the one for me. Now almost 7 years later, I still know that he is most definitely THE ONE for me.
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    Just because I get angry with him on occasion does not mean that I wonder if he's the one. All couples argue from time to time.. it's a rare thing for us to actually argue.

    He's definately the one for me, and I love him more than I ever thought possible.

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    No...there's fate. My DH husband told me yearssssssssss ago. The first time I saw you it was a rush a rush inside. You were the most beautiful, smartest, loving woman and I knew in my heart....we'd be together forever.

    That was 10 years ago...


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