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Thread: So DB....

  1. Cherrish
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    Love So DB....

    Advertisements pretty much the only man I've ever dated who actually took the time to EXPLAIN to me not only the concept of football, but what the terms mean and everything.

    He was sooo patient. Every other guy has always been like "Shhh, I'm tryin to watch the game!". He's such a sweetie.

    He's TiVo'ing the game so we can watch it later and he can explain it to me again.

    And he wants to do the same thing when basketball season starts (I know a little bit more about basketball than football though).
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    As life is eternal, love is immortal.
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    Awww thats so sweet.
    Siggy under construction!!!
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    once you understand football it is soooo much more exciting. I'm totally addicted to football, but was forced to understand it back in high school.
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    thats great!
    db would do that for me... but i just dont care.... :-D i am more than happy doing something else while he watches

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