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  1. Cherrish
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    Love Love

    Ok, when (or how) did you know you were 'in love' with your SO? long were you dating before it was said and who said it first?
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    literally the minute I saw him
  3. stronger and stronger every day
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    maybe 2 months after our first date I knew I loved him.

    Then about 3 months in we were sitting on his couch and he asked "why dont you ever tell me you love me?" So I guess I said it first even though I was coerced into saying it .
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    When did I know I loved him: Before we even started dating. We had been good friends for a long time, and I had always hoped we would get to this point sometime, it was just waiting for the timing to work

    As for saying it.... He and I went for weeks of both hinting at it, or we'd start to and stop ourselves and say nevermind. But we both knew each other was thinking it. One day, he gave me an angel statue thing that is holding a heart that says I love You. It still sits beside my bed, so I guess this was sort of first, but then....

    So then he went on online one night to say: "you know what I keep stopping myself from saying, but it won't be online, it won't be on the phone, and it isn't going to be with a bunch of people around for the first time" I went on to tell him that I knew what he was planning then, because we had a date set up for that Friday night, so 15 seconds later, my phone rang, I answered it, and before I could even say anything he just said, VERY LOUDLY "I love you" and then hung up. So i went back to IMing him and was like, I thought you said it wouldn't be on the phone. haha. But yeah that's our story. so he said it first technically, but I think i might have been the one to stop myself before getting out.
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    The minute I saw him. I told my mom that night I was going to marry him.
    Thank you Brentscrystal!

  6. everlong11
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    We started dating while he was in SD and I was in NJ. After about 2 months, we knew we felt it but I made him wait so we could say it in I said it first at about 3 months
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    I totally and comepletely fell in love with (and knew I was someday going to marry) my DB when we were having a IM chat after we had been together for a month or two and he said this to me.....

    "I wanted to be with u since the first time we talked. I was crushing sooooooo bad it hurt....still am." J

    That statement melted my heart so much I saved it. I can't put into words how much I love this man...
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    Right away.. it sealed the deal when he kissed me. It was spontaneous combustion with us.. he said it first though.. and I said it a couple days later, I don't say that to just anyone and I wanted him to know that I really meant it.

    Well, I'm what I am and I'm what I'm not
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    We had talked for a really long time before dating and had sort of skirted around the issue. One night while talking to the boy I was "dating" at the time it just hit me...I'd rather be talking to DB. I couldn't get a hold of him and was totally crushed. I think that is the first time I realized I loved him.

    He said it first, through an email, when we had broken up (wayyyy back in the 10th grade) We got back together soon after and then about a month after that I said I love you. We've said it everyday for the last 5 years

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    I only saw my hubby twice during our friendship

    He went off to college and we exchanged phone numbers, and email addresses.

    I knew I loved him when I realized that I couldn't wait for him to get home and give me a quick call about his day. Or when he would send me emails saying that he missed me and worried about me.
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