I havenít been on here in so long, but now more than ever I need support from you lovely group of milsos.
After over two years in Italy, two pregnancies and births, and on and off deployments every other month.. we decided it would be best to opt in for Early Return of Dependents.
My two children ages 2 and under moved back to the states, it had been 4 months and we got 3 weeks together with my husband.
He left two weeks ago and now weíve got another 4 months and Iím feeling desperate.
I miss my family, I miss being together with my husband, I miss seeing him with th Le kids. Our schedules are so different we hardly talk for very long over the phone or video.
I have been holding my breathe just letting the days pass, ignoring that we are apart so that the time would just pass and it wouldnít hurt as much. That worked for a while but now.. 5 months in Iím feeling defeated. I donít like being without him and I canít help but often feel like we made a mistake. He will be separating from the army in 4 months which was a major reason I came back early. To get things started and to prepare us.. but my family isnít complete without my husband and their father. I have a job, I hang with my biological family and his family, but even with all of that at the end of the night I still feel isolated.
I miss being surrounded by other spouses going through the same thing.. everyone here goes about their lives, no one realizes what my kids and I are going through.
Weíve got distractions but sometimes you just need a good cry. Iím definitely venting. Pray for us 😢💛