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Thread: Long Distance Relationships

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    Long Distance Relationships

    I was together with my fiance for just shy of a year before he left for bootcamp. I am looking for any advice or tips on how to keep the spark and romance alive. I only get to seem him every couple of months, if I am lucky, and we are adjusting to seeing each other at least three times a week and always talking. We are adjusting well, but since he just got switched to Bravo shift, we have been struggling to find time for each other.
    He is too tired to email or write letters and even though I wake up early to talk with him, we only get to talk for a few hours. Any tips or advice would be so appreciated. I want to give him everything he needs and make sure he knows that I am here for him, even if we cannot talk as much.
    thank you all in advance.

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    Pintrest it. There's lots of LDR type posts on there.
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    Hey!! I commend you for handling this so well and being understanding of the fact that he works hard and sometimes is too over-worked to give you the attention you might need. you sound like an awesome girlfriend. It'd be great to talk with you about being in a military LDR. No one understands me at home, so Im hoping women like you can understand(obviously!) (:

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