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Thread: Need a Little Help and Encouraging Words

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    Need a Little Help and Encouraging Words

    Hey y'all,

    I am in some need of some encouraging words. I am in my last year of college, and my guy is stationed in South Korea. It's already been 3 months, he's got 8 more to go. I just am getting a little frustrated with everything going on because of the time distance, and this is getting really hard. He is getting depressed/homesick and I cannot do anything because I am all the way over here. What can I do to help?

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    I can def understand! Although my DB is not in Korea... he is stationed in Alaska so it's a 4 hour time distance as I'm in NC. He's also been in training several times over the past year! For us some things we try is skyping, when we can mostly on weekends and sometimes if I'm up super late my time as he's home and it's before he goes to bed. Another thing we have started doing was journal to eachother and after so long, like a month or so, we send them back to eachother so we can read what the other wrote (mostly like about our day, when we get to see eachother what we wanna do, our future, etc) this has helped us feel a little closer as we haven't seen eachother in over half a year now. My man has moments of homesick/depression and my big thing is trying to just let him know I'm there and we text about it as a way for me to try to help. I also try to send him a carepackage every month or 2... I decorate the inside of it and send him goodies just so he knows again I'm thinking of him even tho we are so far away from eachother. It's def hard sometimes when it seems like forever before you will see him again but I always think everyday is one day closer. Sorry don't know how much help what me and DB do is but it has helped us some to be closer and help with his homesickness.
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    You can do this! As hard as it may seem, the separation is not forever. Maybe Skyping more? I love the idea of more care packages. You could also send forward books you have read for him to read and then you guys can discuss (if you guys are into reading). I wish you luck!
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    The 3 month mark is generally when it starts for the depression - at least in my experience.

    Care packages from home - encouraging cards/letters (even if you do speak via internet or phone) help. Hand written notes are more personal than texts, emails etc.

    I did care packages and tried to send him theme boxes - 1 each month. It gave me something fun to do and he enjoyed opening them and it gave him something to look forward do.

    No lie, distance does suck... but it's temporary!

    Hang in there!

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