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Thread: Advice on keeping busy?

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    Advice on keeping busy?

    Hey y'all!

    So I'm looking for some advice. DB has been stationed in South Korea for 6 months (!!) as of next week. He's only there a year, so we are halfway through this station, then hopefully he'll be back in the continental US for a little bit.

    For the first 4 months, I was actually doing really well. I had work during the day, workout/training in the afternoon, friends on the weekends. The usually rough day every now and then, but generally doing great! But in the last month or so, it's been increasingly harder keep my mind occupied and avoid the rough days. I'm sure it's because this is the longest we've ever been apart, but I'm looking for some additional advice!

    What do y'all do to keep busy, or to help make a rough day better? I usually go to movies, and I'm training for a half-marathon and a half-Ironman right now. Just looking to mix it up as the time away gets longer!
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    Congrats on the half marathon and half Ironman! I'm training for several races myself I decided to try and learn a new craft while DH was away. So I picked up acrylic painting and found a bunch of tutorials online to follow and have fun with. I also got involved with some volunteering to have new experiences and feel like I was doing worthwhile things with my extra free time.
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    It's so nice to know that someone else is going through this as well! DB has just gotten stationed in South Korea for a year, and today is the first day for a year. He just left on the 29 of October and I am not sure how to start coping with this. I have college and another organization I am a part of, but it still stinks! I keep myself somewhat busy by making care packages, but it still is very hard. How did you keep yourself from thinking about this too much?

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