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Thread: A very good day.

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    Cloud 9 A very good day.

    My DB called five times today!! He's so cute and it made my day. He kept talking about our future and when he graduates what we are going to do. It was nice to actually hear him talk like his normal self. He said that he spoiled me and he will be back before our one year anniversary. It's really nice to think that it's just 45 days away. 45 days seems like nothing to me now and I'm just excited. I hope everyone else had a great day.
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    Oh that's awesome! He definitely did spoil you, but a person needs that every now and then. You can get through the next 45 days, before you know it you'll be wrapped in his arms!
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    Awe! So happy for you! Phone calls are always a nice surprise and an even bigger one knowing when he'll be visiting! Forty-five days will fly! You got this!

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