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Thread: Phone calls

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    Phone calls

    My DB is in BT for the army. Every Sunday he usually gets a chance to call. Sadly, the past two Sunday's he hasn't had a chance to call because him and his platoon have been busy. It's hard but I really pray I get a call today. I miss him a lot and miss his voice and College has been hard for me. No one at College understands what I'm going through and my roommate even says it's weird that I cry when I read letters from him. It would just be nice to hear his voice.
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    Girl, it's definitely not weird that you cry when you read his letters. I cried every single time I read letters from my DB. I still cry if I pull them back out, even though he's out of basic. He's still not home. But the letters still get me teary eyed. I remember waiting for those Sunday evening phone calls. My DB didn't get that many because his platoon always got in trouble. I think he mainly called me when they changed phases. But my phone would be stuck to me like glue on Sundays. And then when he did call, I would cry. (He didn't know. I didn't wanna upset him.) But it's really overwhelming when you finally get to hear his voice but you know you only have a certain amount of minutes to talk. Everything I'd been planning on telling him would just disappear from my mind. He always had a lot to talk about though lol. I was like you. Just glad to hear his voice and know that he was okay. If you ever need someone to talk to, I've been through it. And I'm still going through the long distance while in college thing. I feel for you, though. Basic was hard. No one around me knew what I was going through either.

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