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Thread: LDR (soon to be marriage) w/a kiddo

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    LDR (soon to be marriage) w/a kiddo

    So my question for you ladies (and some guys who may be on here) i'm in johnstown pa while my df, close to being husband (october 10th at the court house when he comes home) is in Reading Pa. yeah i know its not much of a difference (about 3 hours) but were going to be away from each other until i can move out there next year once my daughter is done with her first year of school. its not easy for him just to up and leave with his work and when i do go out to see him we only have a few hours with each other until he has to leave again.

    our daughter who is 5 is having a hard time being away from her dad. we practly just got him back after being apart for 4 1/2 years after splitting up.

    any tips or advice to help her out as well as myself during this?

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    I know it is not the same as physically being together, but video chatting between the two of you and even the two of them could help immensely.

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