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Thread: College struggles

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    College struggles

    This is my first year in college and my DB is in basic training. He keeps sending letters to my house and then I have to wait for a weekend to drive home and get the letters haha. Did this happen to anyone else when their SO was in basic? He still knows how to make me laugh, though.
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    I was in the same position last November through February while my DB was in basic. I was in another city at college and while I could have gotten him to send his letters where I was staying, I always told him to send them to my house. I was super paranoid that the letters wouldn't get to me. I didn't really trust my roommate to keep up with the letters if they arrived when I wasn't home. I knew that my parents would keep up with them though so I came home every weekend, which was only an hour and a half away, to retrieve the letters and also see my family. I usually had one to two letters when I would come home that Friday night and then sometimes received more that next day while I was home. I looked forward to those letters sooo much. My parents would text or call me throughout the week to tell me I had gotten some and I would look forward to it the rest of the week. I still wrote him letters and sent them off from where I was. I'm pretty sure I wrote him one every single day. But he only sent them to my actual home address. I remember rushing home and snatching the letters off the counter and running to my room. I could never open them in front of my family because I would always cry reading them lol. Those letters were worth more than gold. And it sucked waiting until the weekend but it made my weekends special.

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