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Thread: Hurry up and Wait!

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    Bang Head Hurry up and Wait!

    My DB left for his year long deployment yesterday and I have been anxiously awaiting an e-mail or any sign from him. When he lands he has to go through all the in-processing and get situated in his living quarters prior, but I can't help but feel so anxious and desperate to hear from him! I miss him so much already. I am not handling this well at all so far. Our home is quiet and empty and I am so damn lonely that I could puke. Nothing on TV looks decent to watch, music makes me cry, and I can't fathom taking a nap and then being awake all night long... What in the hell am I supposed to be doing right now?! I honestly just need someone to talk to, about anything... I feel so lonely.
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    How are you doing today?

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