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Thread: Tech school?

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    Nutts Tech school?

    Hey guys! So DB just had his graduation and is now in Airman's week before he starts tech school a week from today. So when your on lackland base (or most bases for that matter) what do they do for wifi? I really want to face time DB once a week or so. Do they have free wifi or do they have the airmen pay a fee for it or do they have to go to an outside company to get a plan? I am the tech savvy one in this relationship you could say so I want to help him get it all sorted out! Thanks!
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    I don't know how it works for when they are at school but I assume they probably provide internet for that time frame. BUT once they are at their first base and are in a dorm room he will have to pay for his own internet service.
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    I believe each base has their own policy. At Fort Sam Houston they had to pay and I believe it was by the week, but I think it might be free here at NAS Pensacola.

    I would anticipate WiFi being available, but not free.
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    Wifi in his room will have to be set up and paid for out of pocket.

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