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Thread: Missing my best friend.

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    Sad Missing my best friend.

    I just recently started an official relationship with my Army man who is in Texas while I am in Iowa. We grew up together and have known each other since kindergarten. Ever since we were young we had feelings for each other but it was never the "right time" Throughout high school and the year after he had a serious girlfriend while I've had a couple different relationships and one in college. We hadn't talked for almost two years after high school which is crazy to think when we were so close in high school. Back in December I ended my relationship which to me was pretty much over 3 months before I actually ended it. I think I was just afraid of being alone. After that relationship ended I changed myself a lot and figured out the kind of person I want to be and what I want in life. During that time I realized that his relationship with his ex had ended a while before mine and it suddenly hit me that this was the first time in years that him and I were both single at the same time. In the back of my mind I had always wondered what it would be like to be with him. To be able to call him mine. We started talking pretty consistently in March and I personally was just so excited I thought maybe we would finally get the opportunity to be together. We talked about it once but both of us knew we weren't ready for a relationship. So, I didn't bring it up again. We always joked about me coming there to visit him then one day he actually asked me to come there at the end of May for his military ball. Of course I said yes so I started thinking and planning my trip to see him. Closer to that time he found out that they changed the date of the ball but he told me he still wanted me to come there if I wanted. Of course I did. So I booked my flight and started counting down the days.

    As the day approached for me to go there I was getting more and more nervous since I hadn't seen him in so long and I was flying miles and miles to see him. I arrived on a Wednesday night and called him as I landed and had no idea where I was going. I was soo nervous, butterflies in my stomach. As soon as I saw him that intensified x100. We hugged, it felt somewhat awkward and timid but like I never wanted to let go. We got back from the airport and watched TV for a bit then went to bed. We laid there talking for a while then we got quite and he said that he was really glad I was there. The next day he had to work (poor scheduling on his part lol) so I hung out and napped for most of the day until he got home then we went to his good friends apartment, hung out and watched a movie. He didn't sit next to me during the movie so I thought it was weird and figured, "oh we're just going to be friends" which I was okay with I was just glad to have him back in my life. We left and went back to his place. We were sitting there and he just kept looking at me, the way he looks at me just gives me these indescribable feelings, and he kissed me. We laughed at first because it was clumsy but so cute. Instantly, I was hooked, more than I ever thought I could be. The next 3 days were the best I'd had in a long time. I met all of his friends and fellow members and they would all refer to me as "his girl" while he would always hold my hand or have his arm around me. It was amazing and I thought we would be together. The time there went too quickly and I came home on a Sunday night.

    I thought that after that things would change and he would be much more interested in talking to me more and everything but it seemed to be totally opposite so that Friday I was upset and asked him what the deal was between us and he told me it would be best to be just friends. I cried.. a lot but just had to accept it because I couldn't force him into anything. I went on talking to him, trying to just be his friends even though it was so hard I did because I didn't want to lose him. He had leave at the end of June so he was back for 2 and a half weeks and just left on Monday. Before that, we spent a lot of time together and I fell even more in love with him than I did when I went to visit. The Saturday before he left he asked me to be his girl and there was no way I couldn't say yes. In high school and even college whenever I imagined him and I being together I always thought if I ever had the chance to be with him that would be it. He's the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Each and every day falling more and more in love with him. And now, we're together and my heart couldn't be happier. I know in my heart he's the one I will love forever and make countless memories with. He has about a year and a half left in the Army then he will be out and we can start a life together, actually together and not hundreds of miles apart. It has been so hard for me already because it physically hurts sometimes that I miss him so much. He's busy a lot and is having a hard time making sure he makes time to talk. He says its hard because he has been out of a relationship for so long, which makes sense I just hope he gets better about it. I am far from a needy type of person, I am very independent. I just like to know he's always thinking about me and I don't always get that feeling I guess. I have never experienced a long distance relationship before let alone one with someone in the military. I know it is going to one of the most difficult things I have ever done but I know that it's worth it. I haven't told him because the relationship is so new but I love him with all I have and no amount of distance will change that. I miss him more than I ever thought it was possible to miss someone.
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    My advice is to take one day at a time and stay busy. Don't dwell on him to much or you will drive your self crazy.
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    Welcome to the group. And I'm glad you have your guy after all these years. I agree, stay busy and don't let the awesome newness swallow you up. If he asked you to be his girl, he's thinking about you, so don't let that worry you.

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