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Thread: Not sure what to do.....

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    Not sure what to do.....

    My sailor is going to deploy for 6 months on an aircrafts carrier. How does the communication work on there? Can I Skype or talk on the phone? Letters?
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    Communication will likely be occasional phone calls (maybe weekly) and emails. Skype could be an option if he's at a liberty port with somewhere that has good wifi, but in my experience the only time my husband found wifi worth a damn was when he stayed in a hotel.
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    You've gotten a lot of info on this in your other thread.
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    In your other thread, you mention that your boyfriend hasn't even gone through basic training yet. This means that he cannot even know where he'll be stationed and what unit he'll be with, meaning he can't know he's deploying yet. Take it one step at a time - first you have boot camp, then MOS school, THEN he gets to his unit and MAYBE he deploys. In the meantime, focus on the day in front of you and not the future deployments and separations.

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