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Thread: A GREAT way to stay connected for SO to SO and child to parent!

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    A GREAT way to stay connected for SO to SO and child to parent!

    Good morning guys & gals!

    I decided to share with you a tool I have used to stay connected with my DB when we were long distance.
    It is an app called Couple! Each person downloads the FREE relationship app on their smartphone and connects to each others email.
    From there, you are able to chat, send voice messages, send picture messages (with the ability to lock pictures unless he/she holds the screen to see it) call, video chat, make lists, important calendar dates, set reminders for each other or yourself, sketch with each other, and my absolute favorite is thumb-kiss! When both parties are under the thumb-kiss tab, you are able to touch the screen and your "thumb-print" will show up. Then your SO will show up if he/she is touching their screen. I usually let my DB chase my print around until I stop my print and when they land on each other, a thumb-kiss is performed! This app kept the intimacy alive in my relationship. There's also a quick button you can click that sends "thinking of you" to your partner when pressed. Awesome reminder. Another cool feature is that it shows your location to each other (obviously they won't be able to use the app on certain deployments), and you can even share your exact location. I love it. Check it out! Couple- Relationship App.
    It is available on the apple store too and most other smart phones.My SO had a "walmart phone" for a while and he got the app on there.

    The second thing I wish to share is CloudPetz.
    CloudPetz are bluetooth connected stuffed animals. They connect to the parents/guardians phone at home. The parent that is away is connected to the stuffed animal and they can send voice messages to the stuffed animal! When the bear/unicorn/puppy (whatever you choose!) heart light , lights up, the child knows a message is received. Then the child can listen to the message by pressing the button. They can then send one back through their stuffie to their parents phone. It is an awesome way for children to stay connected with their parents or even other family members! Hell, I'd probably get one for myself to cuddle with at night!! LOL.
    Here is the link: CloudPets, a message you can hug

    I hope at least one of you found this information useful and fun!
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    These are great! I wish I could do the Couple one with my SO but he is on a deployment where it's not possible and he cancelled his service too. I will definitely keep this in mind for next time though. Thank you for sharing!

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