Hi, all! I'm in a new relationship with my boyfriend. He's Army, stationed at Ft. Campbell and we've been together for 2 months. He's AD, about to re-up for another 3 years. He's currently working on Ranger.

We've known each other since kindergarten, and we've already talked about the future (I guess all military relationships have to pretty early on??). We are both in for the long haul. I'm in my senior year of college and I cannot wait to be out! I'm a nursing student in Central Arkansas where we are both from. After I graduate, I'll head to nursing school for 2 straight years. Hopefully we will be done and ready to live in the same city by the time I'm out of school.

I'd love to get in touch with anybody who could help mentor me through this process. I know it's not easy and not for everyone, but he is for me and I am for him, so we will make it work. It would be especially great if any of y'all are at Ft. Campbell...bonus if you're doing LD and are in central AR 😂. We don't really fight, but there are times that I wonder if I am doing the right thing when I speak up when he (rarely) hurts my feelings after a long day or if I am doing the right thing when I just shut up and take it. So, I could use a group of seasoned ladies that went down this path...there's no reason to do it alone! Also if anyone is my age and just wants to talk, I'm totally down for that as well.

I've read lots of places that the best thing to do is just understand he's had a long day being bossed around and to not take any personal attacks hard.
Just last Monday, he was doing a pre-ranger physical and completed 60 something push ups in a minute. Only 59 is required. However, the grader stated out loud he did 65 but was only going to count 57. This is the second time ranger has been delayed because of a PT test and so it made me angry. I asked him about it and it angered him that I kept talking about it. We're over it now, but I just want to be his biggest cheerleader and support him when I see that stupid stuff like this happens, I just want to know all the details. UGH.