I and my sailor talked about stuff about 2-3 weeks ago- We talked about our struggles and how we can solve our problems. He still wants to be with me but, because of what happens lately in our relationship, there are points that is kind of "Iffy" He said, how sorry he was about leaving me 2 years ago, ect. (we first broke up 2 years ago because he was scared of the consequences if he string me along and that where the bad things happen) But, despite of being kind of "iffy" now, he believe, we can still solve this and I can change. So, we decided for me to go to counseling and see what happens. We decided to go on as a lover together. After all, it is also both our fault why we are in these kind of situation. There are lots of stories honestly behind doors If I can just tell them all you will all understand. By this kind of chances he give me, I believe I am still very blessed.

As for my family, I always talked to them about it. but they never tend to listen. I guess i will leaves their opinions in their hands because i Cant do anything about it for now.