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Thread: Back to being aide by side..what to do?

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    Back to being aide by side..what to do?

    In a short time, my so will be permanently back by my side and he'll be out of the military. We're moving to another state after he's home. How do you guys go from being completely alone and independent to being like a regular couple/dependent on one another? How do you cope to these changes? Please help.
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    you're probably going to have to 'date' again. it will take time but you can get used to having him around again i'm sure. you did it before when you met him, and you can do it again now because you know each other and love each other already. I'm sure you will do fine!

    however, if you think that you can't be in a co-dependent relationship with him when he's permanently back, then you should probably rethink the entire relationship...

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