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    Wk 1 of a ldr...

    How did you all do it? I can't seem to keep positive and worried and really sad. We aren't married yet, but have plans to in April. So, until then, I won't be living with him. We are suppose to try and see each other at LEAST every two months. Hes in Germany and Im in NC. I'm just in a funk AND CAN'T BREAK IT. No one here can relate, so I've felt so alone. I work a full time job and have kids so I stay busy, but it's the night time that gets me. Any advice?
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    Tbh I am the same way when its night time ,and im going to bed , him being deployed gets to me. I try to make myself see that its all worth it because in the long run we'll be able see our SO. Dont give up. You can always message me if you'd like (: if you need MILSO friends
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    I am in the same boat! We are both in the US, me NY and him MI but it is still rough and I have a tendency to worry...about every thing. Like you, we plan to marry soon so we can be together but we talk on Skype whenever possible and regular phone calls. Writing letters is a big thing too!!! I just find myself telling myself to keep my head up and that "I got this". Night time sucks, I keep waiting for him to come to bed and I know that he's gone. For the longest time, I kept one of his hoodies on my bed. I know I'm new here but you can always message me if you need to chat!!!
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    I'm sorry your struggling. I know its not a LDR but the last time that my hubby was deployed he told me to Learn something new every day and write him about it. It was a silly task. Some days I loved it. Others I hated it b/c it was hard to find something to "research" and learn. But at night when I was feeling lonely I'd jump online and start looking up silly stuff. (Best place to sit in a movie theater?) (Longest running play on Broadway) (Ellis island) Id write him a note about it in my journal & it killed time while making me feel like I was doing something for him & for me. When we got together --- we read the "learning journal" together. It was a great idea and helped a lot. Also, I cried. A lot.
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    We're going to be long distance in 2 weeks. For now we're only about an hour apart, but on days when we can't see each other we text...a lot...and occasionally Skype/phone call. (We're both ADD and can't sit still for a whole's bad.) I've gotten into a night routine. We set aside 11:11 as our time to wish, so we're always thinking about each other at the same moment. Other than that I take a long hot bath/shower, read a good book, journal, etc. Just knowing "ok, gotta check the next thing on my list" helps me not to get too down.

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