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Thread: Visiting DG at Sheppard AFB?

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    Visiting DG at Sheppard AFB?

    I'll be at Sheppard AFB for a long weekend the weekend after Memorial Day and was wondering if anyone has ideas of fun adventures to take on Saturday or Sunday within 2.5 hours of Wichita Falls, TX? Well, she can go no further than 2.5 hours, but we'd both like to stay as close to base as possible, given the fact that we don't want traveling around to eat up the whole day. I've been looking and it seems pretty bleak. Anybody have experience with this?
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    I live around's small so you don't have to worry about getting too far lol BUT Fort Worth is only about 1.5hrs from Wichita Falls so you could always go there and have some fun. There honestly isn't much to do IN wf except visit the falls (won't take up a lot of time). I would suggest heading to Fort Worth and visiting the, good food, scenery...lots to do.

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