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Thread: Husband at Tech, good and not good at the same time

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    Husband at Tech, good and not good at the same time

    My husband being at basic training was hard but I managed fine. Now that he is at tech, it is just so different. It feels so weird that we have the ability to talk, neither of us know what to talk about so we just kind of ramble and then awkwardly end the conversation so we don't waste minutes or annoy his roommate. He has only been there a week, and we have talked about every other day. On the phone and facetime. It is so nice to be able to hear and see him but.....

    It was easier on me when I couldn't talk to him. That isn't meaning that it was better to not talk to him at all, it was just easier. Does anybody else have this problem?

    It was easier to pass the time, go to bed earlier, distract myself, play with our son. But now that I have the ability to talk to him I am constantly checking facebook and my phone for messages.
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    DH and I did run into something similar. He said it made it harder on him trying to talk all the time and we would feel guilty if we missed the other persons call or message. We ended up agreeing to just plan to talk once a week (texting here and there but phone/skype calls only once a week). With this expectation set he was really able to get to know some of the other guys, make friends who he is still close with 5 years later and really relax during his down time. For me, I wasn't worried about missing phone calls, I didn't wait around for him to message me. It really was much much easier for us this way.

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