My DB got his 90 day eval for his new civilian job and it was excellent. It was a very tough evaluation, and it's a very competitive field. It's hard to even get an interview without a lot of experience, the right licensing, and sometimes knowing somebody already working there vouching for you. It's probably only going to get worse the more the military downsizes.

He still hasn't been offered a permanent assignment yet, but he said that's not unusual. At least he's still working, and when one comes up he'll be considered for one.

In his off time he's been working for my brother as an apprentice electrician. If heaven forbid he's unable to do his main job someday he'll at least have something to fall back on. Plus, he's paying off his debt to his parents faster from the previous marriage situation. He's only got a few thousand left. I wanted to help him with it, but he wants to pay it all off himself. I was born and raised in a Gulf Coast state. The possibility of me moving back to the Gulf and maybe starting a family someday is looking better and better.